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Healthcare Video Marketing

ARC Healthcare Videos specializes in marketing videos for medical providers, healthcare systems and non-profit health organizations. Video is a powerful medium that allows you to connect with your patients, fellow professionals and donors. ARC’s experience in healthcare video production spans across medical specialties and advertising mediums. We produce educational and explainer videos, provider bio videos, patient stories and testimonials, practice overview videos, medical technology videos, training videos, and event videos for trade shows and fundraisers. Healthcare videos can be utilized through a variety of marketing applications such as website content, social media video ads, digital marketing, and television advertising. Our videos may also be used in-house for employee training or waiting room content for patient education/entertainment. Scroll through our video showcase below for examples of ARC’s healthcare video work.

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Da Vinci Surgery
TPMG Doctor
Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group

Patient Testimonial Videos

Patient testimonials are modern day "word of mouth". These videos showcase real people's experiences with a provider or practice. Telling patients' stories in their own words is one of the most compelling ways to connect with prospective patients, especially ones facing the same or similar health concerns. For Dr. Dawson, a Interventional Pain Treatment Specialist, ARC Healthcare Videos created a series of four patient testimonials. Each video told a patient story from one of Dr. Dawson's four main treatment areas: SI Joint, Sciatica, Knee Pain and Arthritis. Patient testimonial videos allow doctors to emphasize the "care" in the healthcare they provide to their patients.

Roy Orthodontics

Overview Videos

Practice overview videos are an opportunity to make a strong first impression on your patients. These videos provide a peek inside your medical facility, so prospective patients can get an idea of what they can expect from their first visit. ARC overview videos typically feature the doctor(s), staff members, and patients describing the practice in their own words. We also showcase the newest technology used for patient care. Dr. Roy wanted his overview video to explain how his orthodontic practice is different from other practices in the Virginia Beach area. This video is featured on the homepage of his website and has been shared through social media.

Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads

Provider Bio Videos

A provider bio video is an opportunity for physicians and clinicians to introduce themselves to prospective patients. Beyond a physician's list of qualifications and credentials, a video like this allows perspective patients to get a feel for their doctor's demeanor and personality. Having the chance to "meet" their doctor from the comfort of their own home can help ease anxiety a patient may experience leading up to a medical appointment or procedure. For the surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, bio videos have done just that. Introducing themselves to their patients through a video prior to the initial consultation is a non-threatening approach that helps to alleviate a patient's nerves and insecurities. Dr. Blanchard's bio video was used on his bio page of the practice website, and it was shared through social media.

American Heart Association

Event and Fundraising Videos

Long format videos are powerful story telling tools that can be used for a variety of events such as trade shows, in-house training, corporate events, recruitment, and fundraising. With 2+ minutes to communicate your message, ARC event and fundraising videos are designed to enlighten, inspire and motivate action. In this video for the American Heart Association's annual Heart & Stroke Ball in Virginia Beach, Laney's Story portrays a tangible example of how the work of this non-profit organization saves lives. This local event was a record high fundraiser with nearly $400,000 in donations. The video was then picked up nationally by the American Heart Association to be used in their elementary school educational program to teach the importance of supporting heart health research.


Medical Technology Videos

Medical technology videos allow physicians to showcase the state of the art equipment and procedures offered in their practice. It is important that these videos not only explain how the technology works, but also how it benefits the patient. Sharing the technological advancements provided through your medical practice help to demonstrate a doctor's dedication to providing the best care possible. ARC medical videos can be created from scratch, or we can customize marketing videos provided by the technology's manufacturer. This video for TPMG's Urologists is an example of how manufacturer's marketing resources can be used in a customized medical technology video. Often times when utilizing materials provided by a manufacturer, there are co-op opportunities that can help fund your marketing efforts.

Pediatric Affiliates of Hampton Roads

Video Advertising

Video ads are typically shorter in length than other marketing videos. At 30 seconds or less, these short form video advertisements focus on a specific message, such as your USP (unique selling proposition) or a key service or treatment. Pediatric Affiliates of Hampton Roads is a small, two-doctor practice competing with a local pediatric hospital group, so we focused on why "smaller is better" for his TV commercials and social media video ads.

Our Award Winning Work

ARC Health Videos has a long standing relationship with the American Heart Association in Virginia Beach. We have produced event videos and video advertisements to promote both awareness and donations for strokes and heart disease.  ARC won two American Advertising Awards (aka ADDYs) for their event videos as well as 1st Place in ZOOPPA’s Video Contest for this video, entitled “Not Just a Man’s Disease”. We were honored when “Not Just a Man’s Disease” was later picked up nationally by the American Heart Association and showcased on

Some More of Our Healthcare Videos

Klar Voorhees Orthodontics Overview Video

Klar Voorhees Orthodontics Overview Video

Abbey Horwitz | The Art of Dentistry – Cosmetic Surgery

Abbey Horwitz | The Art of Dentistry – Cosmetic Surgery

Doc4Kids – Patient Testimonials

Doc4Kids – Patient Testimonials

Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group – Doctor Coleman

Tidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group – Doctor Coleman

Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads – Bodytite :15 TV Spot

Plastic Surgery Center of Hampton Roads – Bodytite :15 TV Spot

American Heart Assocation 2018 Heart Ball – Kemp

American Heart Assocation 2018 Heart Ball – Kemp

Why work with ARC?

ARC is an experienced team of video creatives. Our goal is to make it easy for healthcare professionals like yourself to add video to your marketing strategies. Our turnkey process minimizes interruption to daily operations and keeps costs down. There is a time and financial investment involved, of course, but your return on that investment will be exponential. Video has the unique ability to evoke emotion through visual storytelling. While medicine is largely based in clear cut science, the human aspect of healthcare is best captured and shared through video. Telling stories that connect providers to patients is what we do!

Types of Videos:

  • Dentistry
  • Orthodontics
  • Pediatrics
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Healthcare Systems
  • Orthopedics
  • Non-Profits
  • And Many More!

TPMG has experienced nothing less than perfection from David, Mitzi and Justin. They are professional to be sure, but they are also fun and smart and thoughtful. They have come to the table with solutions and we can not thank them enough.

Paula LumsdenTidewater Physicians Multispecialty Group

I can't say enough about how much I loved working with ARC Healthcare Videos! They created one-of-a-kind videos to help The American Heart Association's mission in Hampton Roads. They listened to our needs, were always available, super professional, fun and easy to work with. They are a company that truly cares and it shows in everything they do. I can't wait to work with them again because of their passion, creativity and love of what they do for their clients and our community.

Teri ArnoldAmerican Heart Association

They did an outstanding job in putting together the practice video program for use on our website and as a marketing tool. They worked hand in hand with our staff to develop a message and video production that resonated with our patients. The reaction to these videos from new patients has been extremely positive, with many telling us that they gained a high level of comfort regarding who we were prior to coming in for their first office visit.

Neal Klar, DDS, MSKlar Voorhees Orthodontics, PC

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